I was born and raised in Palm Desert, (Southern California), and always had a passion for travel. Summers at the beach, winters in the mountains, an adventurous spirit and willingness to try new things. Most would think it odd, but for me, the idea to move to Ohio to pursure an art education after high school was an open-ended invite into another world.

After discovering that Ohio was cold, and snow could be found in abundance, I finished my Associates degree and ran for warmer climates. Once I had givin my brain a rest from the assualt of art school, I found myself in Las Vegas, and with a job as a Touchpanel Designer.

While the design aspect worked for me, I quickly found myself enamored by the programming end of the company. I was given a crash-course in A/V and started down the road to certification. Since starting, I have done work in many Casino's, small and masssive residental systems, boardrooms and executive offices, schools, lecture halls, and all kinds of acedemic environments as well as military installations. I have had a great time discovering this other world, and can't wait to see what will suprise me next.